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Main Auction Services - AMTEK MicrowavesMain Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as AMTEK Microwaves. AMTEK Microwaves is a leading American MTek provides all of the resources needed to support industrial microwave processing equipment and systems. We provide the food processing industry with specialized technical knowledge and services. AMTek is a privately held company located in the heart of the United States. We support a complete team of professionals that have been designing, manufacturing, and supporting hundreds of industrial microwave systems worldwide over the past two and a half decades. Our team brings you the experience and expertise in developing microwave equipment for applications in the industrial marketplace for pasteurizing, drying, cooking and tempering a very extensive array of products.

The AMTek team consists of a staff of more than 45 people, doing all functions relating to the production of these high powered systems. Our team designs, fabricates and assembles these high quality microwave systems, custom for each application and facility. Once the systems are installed, AMTek continues in the role to fully support the service of these systems, wherever located in the world.

AMTek provides complete solutions for your microwave systems. We offer complete packages including items such as metal detector systems, chiller systems, fire suppression solutions and custom designed conveyors. We can offer the entire solution to your processing needs.

AMTek is also supported by distributors that represent the company on six continents. Our international team consists of more than 25 reputable companies that provide us with international marketing, sales support, and technical service. These international distributors are a key player in the reputation of our company and are considered an important part of our overall team.

AMTEK provides a variety of types of restaurant and food industry which include:

Batch Systems
Cooking systems
Control Systems
Microwave System Service Parts
Microwave Transmitters
Tempering Systems
Vessel Systems


AMTek offers a state of the art test laboratory for customers and potential customers to see if a microwave system offers a solution that can benefit their company. We offer the ability to test well beyond food applications.

Three systems available:

Tempering system: used for tempering frozen proteins, fruits, vegetables, etc.
Cooking system: used to cook, heat, or remove moisture.
Vertical vessel: ideal for soups, salsa, and sauces.
We have approximately 400 cubic feet of storage space to keep your product at the needed temperature for testing.

AMTEK that is appearing in one of Main Auctions upcoming auctions, please go to the link below for more specifics.

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