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Main Auction Services - Bringg Software LogisticsMain Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment and application software by the world's leading manufacturers like Bringg

Bringg is a Restaurant Delivery Software Platform: The New Strategic Imperative - The food delivery business is going through unprecedented change. Established chains and independent restaurants, as well as delivery-only services, are all aggressively trying to get a bite out of consumer wallets by quickly adapting to the growing consumer demand for speed, choice and value.

Your customers now expect nothing less than a seamless delivery with great customer service that arrives exactly when they want it. In order to remain relevant and viable, every business that delivers food must evolve by becoming much more agile and efficient across their entire ecosystem – from the kitchen to the customer’s doorstep.


  • Shorter time-to-delivery, fewer drivers
  • Decrease costs, increase orders
  • Branded & controlled customer experience
  • Fully flexible utilization of multiple fleet types
  • End-to-end ecosystem visibility & transparency
  • Optimal route assignments & allocations
  • Improved customer satisfaction & ratings
  • Fully integrated with your existing systems
  • Improved your bottom-line, show a clear ROI

Using Bringg’s powerful restaurant delivery software, restaurant chains and restaurant delivery services can now easily meet and exceed the on-demand expectations of their customers in terms of operational efficiency and customer experience.

Starting in the kitchen, upgrade your operations through a fully integrated kitchen display system (KDS) to improve efficiency from the kitchen – to the delivery experience – all the way to the customer. If you have your own delivery fleet or you rely on external third parties to deliver, our food delivery platform will help you streamline the way your orders are delivered, in order to create the perfect frictionless experience for everyone with full visibility for both management and the end-customer. Most importantly, you have the ability to maintain full control over your brand.

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