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Consistent practices in foodservice quality are important when it comes to meeting and exceeding the needs of consumers. That’s why The Coca-Cola Company is committed to high standards for quality products. We provide our customers with guidelines and instructions for dispenser operation, cleaning and sanitizing to help maintain a great foodservice operation.

What steps can you take to ensure a quality beverage program in your restaurant? Routine cleaning is one way, and creating a solid training program is another. It doesn’t have to be difficult to establish and set practices for routines. From dispenser cleaning and sanitizing instructions and taking proper steps to maintain beverage quality, it’s important for operators to serve great-tasting products. Advertising and marketing get consumers in the outlet. Good quality keeps them coming back

Here are five ways to ensure beverage quality to maintain consistent, great-tasting beverages every time.

1. Beverage Quality. We all know great taste and refreshment are why consumers order Coca-Cola® beverages. The Coca-Cola Company provides recommendations to help you properly clean and maintain beverage dispensers. The Valves of Gold™ brochure highlights five steps to quality for beverage systems: Rotation, Refrigeration, Carbonation, Presentation, and Sensation. From how to change an empty CO₂ cylinder to presenting a clean, sanitary appearance to consumers to performing quality checks for taste, temperature and freshness, The Coca-Cola Company has lots of helpful tips for beverage dispensing systems.

2. Coffee Quality. Make a great impression on guests with a great cup of Joe by following the Coffee Brewing Guide from Gold Peak® Coffee. The Coca-Cola Company offers five steps to quality for brewed coffee: Brew It Right, Temperature, Taste, Freshness, and Cleanliness. By reviewing each of the steps, you can find helpful hints on proper brewing procedures, serving at the optimal temperature, using the exact product recommendations to ensure a quality and consistent beverage every time, and maintaining freshness and cleanliness along the way.

3. Tea Quality. Whether it’s brewing tea to the right temperature or ensuring the best taste, it’s important to confirm that brewed tea equipment is operating properly. Drink quality counts, and The Coca-Cola Company provides 5 steps to tea quality that include brewing instructions for how to “Brew It Right.” Not only is it important to make sure that brewed tea equipment works properly, but also remember, great taste is why consumers order iced tea. Customers expect great-tasting, fresh brewed iced tea and a clean, sanitary appearance communicates quality to consumers.

4. Juice Quality. To ensure great-tasting juice, The Coca-Cola Company presents the Bubbler Steps to Quality for juices, including instructions for how to prepare a juice, important temperature tips to maintain freshness, and procedures for getting fresh juice with every serving. With easy tips to keep the dispensing area clean and orderly, you can find more than just juice preparation instructions.

In addition to maintaining quality and consistency for great-tasting soft drinks, coffee, tea, and juice, The Coca-Cola Company provides step-by-step instructions for troubleshooting equipment using Phone Fix® videos. Watch an overview on the following topics:

• Restoring Carbonation Due to Loss of Carbonator
• Restoring Carbonation Due to Loss of Water
• Fountain System Only Dispensing Water with No Syrup
• Flat Drinks with No Carbonation Due to Warmed Soda Water
• Coca-Cola Freestyle Not Dispensing or Screen Frozen and Not Responding
• Coca-Cola Freestyle Not Dispensing Diet Drinks

The key to success is finding the right partner in foodservice. The Coca-Cola Company has tools and resources designed to help foodservice operators with optimizing beverage operations and ensuring foodservice quality. And, we’re here 24/7, 365 days a year to help our customers.

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