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DormontMain Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as Dormont which is the world's leading provider of flexible stainless steel connectors for Commercial Foodservice, Residential and OEM. Dormont offers a full range of solutions for all your gas connectivity applications, whether in the home or business—kitchen, bath, den or utility room. Discover the full line of time-tested, economical, and flexible Dormont options.

For more than 60 years, Dormont has been committed to quality innovation—leading the industry in the development of creative new solutions for gas and water conveyance that respond directly to the needs of food service customers.

Check out what's new at Dormont for you commercial kitchens!

  • Dormont Blue Hose
  • Gas Accessories Products
  • Stationary Appliances
  • Countertop Connectors
  • Dormont Safety Systems

One key to Dormont's success is their focus on the needs of their customers. If you have a unique request, their Appliance OEM Design Solutions Team can develop custom solutions to your specifications, such as small diameter assemblies that fit inside appliances. Their line of Flex Tube® assemblies is a perfect example of what they can do when they combine your needs with their knowledge of customer applications, product design, manufacturing, and component sourcing.

Gas and water are at the heart of the commercial kitchen. Without safe, flexible gas connectivity, and without water, a kitchen simply cannot function. Dormont provides gas and water solutions that every commercial kitchen needs. The gas connectors, fittings, valves, and positioning systems ensure easy operation and cleaning of your gas appliances. Watts faucets and filtration systems keep your foodservice operations running smoothly and safely, day after day.

Dormont Products support:

  • Gas Cooking & Heating
  • Safe Appliance Positioning
  • Water access and use
  • Safe, clean-tasting water

If you need to learn more about a piece of equipment from Dormont that is appearing in one of Main Auctions upcoming auctions, please go to the link below for more specifics.