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Main Auctions - Manitowoc Products Main Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers like Manitowoc. From modest beginnings in 1902 as a small shipbuilding and ship-repair company  in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, through two world wars building ships and submarines for the U.S. Navy, to today – a  global leader in cranes and foodservice equipment – The Manitowoc Company is here to stay.

The vision of Manitowoc’s  founding fathers, coupled with its core values of Integrity, Commitment to Stakeholders, and Passion for Excellence,  have made Manitowoc a strong, respected organization throughout the world.  The Manitowoc team is Building Something Real for its customers, investors, employees, and partners with over 100 manufacturing, service, or distribution facilities in 20 countries.

Manitowoc Foodservice is comprised of some of the world's leading brands in food equipment, in many major categories. Regardless of your choice, we can help with solutions powered by Manitowoc Foodservice innovation.

Types of Product Lines At Manatowoc:

Food Preparation Equipment

  • Delfield
  • Lincoln Foodservice Products. Inc.
  • Fabristeel

Primary Cooking Equipment

  • Cleveland Range
  • Convotherm
  • Dean
  • Delfield
  • Frymaster
  • Garland Commercial Ranges
  • Lincoln Impingers
  • Merco
  • Merrychef
  • Moorwood Vulcan

Refrigeration & Ice Machines

  • Delfield
  • Harford
  • KolpakKysor Panel Systems
  • Manitowoc Ice
  • Manitowoc Beverage Systems
  • McCall

Serving Equipment

  • Delfield
  • Kysor Panel Systems
  • Merco

Beverage Dispensing

  • Servend
  • Multiplex

Manitowoc Beverage Systems

Smallwares, Cookware & Kitchen Tools

  • Lincoln Foodservice Products. Inc.

Storage & Handling Equipment

  • Delfield
  • Garland Commercial Ranges

Tabletop & Servingware

  • Lincoln Foodservice Products. Inc.

Furnishings, Decor & Custom Fabrication

  • Delfield
  • Garland Commercial Ranges
  • Retail
  • Kysor Panel Systems

The art and science of Better Kitchens is no stranger to Manatowoc. The study of developing highly efficient kitchens that produce amazing food and beverages. Born out of our obsession with the intricate art of food and drink preparation and our experience in engineering the world’s most leading-edge foodservice equipment technology.

Kitchens are truly fascinating because this is where chemistry, physics, and math work harmoniously alongside intuition, pageantry, and improvisation. Ingredients are transformed. Cravings are invented. And culture is influenced. The study of this phenomenon is what we call Kitchenology™.

Manitowoc Foodservice examines food, people, and technology to create world-class equipment that helps transform your recipes into exceptional meals.

The Kitchenology Philosophy - As the leading authority on Kitchenology™, Manitowoc Foodservice understands how kitchens bring food, people, and equipment together to create amazing dining experiences. Our kitchen innovations are inspired by our collective expertise. Click Here To Find Out More About Manitowoc