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Main Auction Services - OneidaMain Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service, cooking equipment, and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers like Oneida. Oneida  is one of the world’s largest marketers of stainless steel flatware, and offers a complete range of tabletop products. Gracing tables for over 100 years, Oneida has been a staple in homes, fine dining establishments, family restaurants and hotels for decades.

The company originated in a utopian community established in 1848 by John Humphrey Noyes, and has had a strong reputation for quality since that time. Throughout the economic, social and political changes that Oneida has seen during its history, the company’s reputation for excellence and brand recognition has remained unshakable. An independent national consumer study has found that 90 percent of consumers name Oneida as the first company they think of when asked about stainless steel flatware-an invaluable measure of the Oneida brand’s.

Today, Oneida products include a broad range of products including the finest quality flatware, porcelain dinnerware, stainless steel and silver-plate hollowware, just to name a few.

Your tabletop is the foundation for a great meal. So you'll want your presentation to be as fresh and unique as the food you are serving. Whether you are a five-star luxury hotel or a comfortable eatery, your customers deserve a perfect dining experience. Oneida's total tabletop solution brings unequaled design excellence, a portfolio of exceptional brands with quality products, responsive service, and over a hundred years experience to your establishment. Discover all the benefits that await you from America's leading tabletop supplier to the foodservice industry.

Oneida Product Categories:

  • Flatware
  • Dinnerware
  • Drinkware
  • Holloware
  • Banquetware
  • New Products

Additional Oneida Brands:

  • Oneida
  • Anchor
  • Sant' Andrea
  • Stolzle
  • Buffalo
  • Delco
  • Strata
  • EveryWare Family Includes:
  • EveryWare Global
  • Oneida Consumer
  • Anchor Hocking Consumer
  • Oneida Foodservice

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