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 Main Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as RevoCoolers.

RevoCoolers makes products to solve needs and wants, and they hope you find them to be useful in your commercial and residential lives. Their products solve a need that has never been done before. And they like creating products that enhance social get-togethers in restaurants, events, bars, and more.

In addition, RevoCoolers believe that it is important to us that they manufacture in the USA. REVO is for revolutionize. Their first product, the Party Barge, is unique in every way.

The goal is to develop products that are at the center of people gathering and make those occasions more entertaining. Whether you need them or just want them, they are confident that their products will provide more enjoyment in your life and encourage more get-togethers.

REVO Party Barge is a Party Cooler Tub that is made exactly like premium coolers with pressure injected foam insulation that allows ice to last longer and with No Condensation Mess. It’s an All-In-One Bar Station that makes it easy for anyone to elegantly put on a spread. With the inviting display, everything is visible and easily accessed without digging through ice. Three individually insulated compartments with condiment trays (FDA approved for food contact) and an aluminum ice scoop provide multiple display options. It’s great for Home Entertaining (inside or outside) and Tailgating. In Commercial Use, it's a great asset in bar services and it can also be a self-serve beverage station (ex: Mimosa bar, Bloody Mary bar, Wine bar, etc).

LED Light up ice cubes with Push Button on/off. Push Button cubes last longer and work in ice, unlike cubes with moisture sensors (which only work when submerged in liquid). When on, the bright color operates in 3 modes: slow flash, fast flash, and steady on. When off, cubes are clear. FDA approved clear acrylic shell is sealed with freezable gel inside and is submersible safe in beverages. They are fun LED party lights that when mixed in with ice in the Party Barge, the light cubes provide a very nice light effect and help provide visibility. They are attention getters in glasses and, when frozen, keep a glass of white or rose' wine chilled without diluting from ice. They are also an asset in getting kids to take a bath.

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