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At Main Auction Services Inc., we buy and sell restaurant equipment in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated business brings 35 years of combined experience to our area when it comes to buying and selling new and used restaurant equipment. 

Buy New and Used Restaurant Equipment in Fort Worth

Outfitting your restaurant and kitchen with equipment is a tall order. It takes a lot of time to find the right furniture, furnishings, appliances, and equipment that you need to get your restaurant up and running. 

Whether you need to buy a single appliance, furnishing, or piece of equipment or you need to outfit an entirely new restaurant, you can buy new and used restaurant equipment in Fort Worth through Main Auction Services. Our experienced team carefully inspects every piece of equipment before we purchase it and take it into inventory. 

We carefully inspect every piece of new and used equipment to make sure it is up to quality and performance standards before we take it into stock. 

So whether you need to buy new or used restaurant equipment for your Fort Worth business or you’re looking for a few pieces or perhaps an entire restaurant, our restaurant auction experts have you covered. If you have a strict budget you need to stick to, we have used and slightly used restaurant equipment that is virtually like new.

Sell New and Used Restaurant Equipment in Fort Worth

If you need a way to sell new or used restaurant equipment in the Fort Worth area, Main Auction Services can provide you with that as well. We will purchase new, slightly used, and used equipment from your restaurant, giving you the easiest way possible to sell your restaurant equipment and put money in your pocket. 


Sell us any and all of your restaurant equipment and furnishings. Whether you own a few pieces that you need to sell and replace or you have an entire restaurant you need to sell, we will buy what you have including

  • Cooking line equipment and appliances. 
  • Beverage and bar equipment. 
  • Cabinets. 
  • Glassware and dinnerware. 
  • Food prep equipment. 
  • Refrigeration line equipment. 
  • Storage equipment. 
  • Cleaning and sanitation equipment and supplies.
  • Even furniture and furnishings. 

If you want to buy or sell new or used restaurant equipment in the Fort Worth area, contact our experts at Main Auction Services today.