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Auctioning off your new or used restaurant equipment can be intimidating. If you are on the buying end, it can be difficult to know if you are getting a good deal and what the condition is of the restaurant equipment you are getting. 

If you need reliable auction experts with years of experience buying and selling restaurant equipment in Little Rock, contact us today. We run thorough inspections of all of the equipment we take into inventory before we sell it, and go over restaurant equipment with a fine-tooth comb before we buy it. Whether you need to buy or sell restaurant equipment in the Little Rock area, we would love to help. 

Sell Used Restaurant Equipment in Little Rock

Do you need to auction off some of your old restaurant equipment? Maybe you have some lightly used equipment that is like new that you need to clear out of your restaurant. Whatever the case may be, we can help you sell it. 

Our online auction services can help you clear that stock and make money off of your old or slightly used restaurant equipment. If you need to sell something, there is someone in the Little Rock area that is going to need it. Whether that be a deep fryer, kitchen equipment, ovens, ranges, refrigerators, coolers, freezers, or even restaurant furniture and decor, we can auction it on our website. 

Buy Restaurant Equipment in Little Rock

If you need to buy restaurant equipment in Little Rock, you can find anything that you could possibly need in our inventory. Our team thoroughly inspects all equipment before we purchase and auction off any restaurant equipment. Most restaurant owners aren’t working with an unlimited budget. In fact, many restaurant owners are looking to find the best deals on the best equipment they can possibly find. 

We purchase and auction scratch and dent, preowned, and lightly used equipment that is virtually like new. Often times, you can buy great restaurant equipment at auction for the fraction of the price that you can then if you went to a retailer or large restaurant equipment manufacturer. 

Why overpay for restaurant equipment when you don’t have to? Contact our Little Rock restaurant equipment team today to get more information about our upcoming auctions. 

Restaurant Equipment For Sale in Little Rock 

We buy and auction a wide variety of restaurant equipment in the Little Rock area including

  • New, used, and scratch and dent restaurant equipment
  • New and used bakery equipment
  • Catering supplies and equipment
  • Generic kitchen supplies
  • Furniture for your restaurant 
  • Foodservice equipment 
  • Commercial and industrial kitchen equipment
  • Commercial and industrial baking equipment
  • Supermarket equipment
  • Even equipment for a hotel bar

Restaurant Auction Services in Little Rock

Our mission is to provide the best auction services possible for our customers on the buying and selling end. To provide the highest level of service possible, we perform inspections of all equipment we buy and sell before they go to auction to make sure that you get the best equipment possible. Our team

- Performs a full inspection of inventory and equipment, prior to the auction

- Buys used and new restaurant equipment to sell at auction

- Buys and sells used and preowned restaurant equipment. 

- Buys and sells restaurant equipment liquidations

- Buys and sells restaurant equipment from repossessions

- Sells restaurant equipment online, to the Little Rock area

If you need to buy or sell restaurant equipment in the Little Rock area, contact our team today.