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Hive-to-Table Honey Inspired Recipes

Celebrate Honey In Your Restaurant

honey board

Hive to table inspiration. Looking for new ideas and recipes to reopen your restaurant in that everyone can enjoy?  Honey is the answer. Honey is a one-ingredient recipe made by bees, flowers and mother nature herself. Check into the great wholesale pricing and obtain new recipes for existing and new items for your return menus. 

 Did you know? Hardworking honey bees are responsible for 1/3 of the foods we eat, including honey. Celebrate all they do by incorporating honey and your favorite bee-inspired recipes into your menus. For more on honey, bees, and for culinary inspiration, visit honey.com .New recipes for using honey in your restaurant as you open your doors is something you may want to think about.

Honey is the perfect ingredient to create craveable dishes your customers are looking for. Honey, a natural sustainable product found in every state can inspire you to celebrate everything about nature as we all return to living our lives. While many supply chains have been interrupted in the last year; honey is still an industry product in foodservice that will remain responsible and ensure that honey consumed every day is trustworthy and pure.

About Honey:

The story of honey is older than history itself. An 8,000-year-old cave painting1 in Spain depicts honey harvesting, and we know it's been used for food, medicine and more by cultures all over the world since.

But honey isn't about humans. It's the natural product made from bees—one of our planet's most important animals. Honey bees visit millions of blossoms in their lifetimes, making pollination of plants possible and collecting nectar to bring back to the hive.

Lucky for us, bees make more honey than their colony needs, and beekeepers remove the excess and bottle it. Just like they've been doing since the beginning of time.

Factors To Consider About Natural Honey Products:

Nutrition - It's not just versatile, varied, and delicious. Research has shown that honey contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants3. Flavonoids and phenolic acids, which act as antioxidants, are found in honey3. The amount and type of these compounds depend largely on the floral source3.

Sweetener - Honey is sweet—that’s a given. And it adds a special touch to almost every recipe. It can be your secret ingredient that's always revealing new possibilities. Many people think of honey as a drizzle in desserts or a topping for toast. But more and more, honey is being recognized as a pantry staple. It gives your recipes unbeatable flavor and unexpected functional benefits. From balancing flavors to providing moisture to baked goods, honey excels in a slew of tasks—all from one little bottle and only one ingredient.

As honey is slightly sweeter than sugar, you can use less to achieve the same amount of sweetness in a dish. When substituting honey for granulated sugar in recipes, begin by substituting honey for up to half of the sugar called for in the recipe. fpn

For baked goods:

  • Reduce the liquid in the recipe by 1/4 cup for each cup of honey used.
  • Add about 1/2 teaspoon baking soda for each cup of honey used.
  • Reduce oven temperature by 25 degrees to prevent over-browning.

Natural Energy - Honey is a natural source of carbohydrates, providing 17 grams per tablespoon, which makes it ideal for your working muscles. Since carbohydrates are the primary fuel the body uses, honey can help maintain muscle glycogen, also known as stored carbohydrates, which gives athletes the boost they need when they need it most.

Cough Suppressant - Honey has been used for centuries to help alleviate symptoms of the common cold, and now research confirms this approach for children ages one and older. Honey offers an effective and natural alternative to over-the-counter cough medicine4. Though time is the most important healer of a sore throat, a spoonful of honey can help relieve the irritation4.

Important Reminder - Honey is a versatile and wholesome food for older children and adults. Honey may be introduced into a child’s diet after the age of one, but not before4, 5.

The National Honey Board promotes responsible industry practices to ensure the honey consumed every day is trustworthy and pure. Go to the website and take a look at some new information your restaurant may be interested in for 2021.

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