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Senior Dining Tips

Focus On The Dining Experience

Seniors dining toast - Main Auction ServicesDignified Dining Programs, Seniors Lifestyles, and Senior Living Facilities that provide meals have identified some key points in helping to make the dining experience a better experience.  Your community in your city may have a huge Seniors community that is not being considered by the restaurant community at large. Advertising that your restaurant could be an event location for lunch and dinner is a new concept growing around the nation.

Where do you stand on preparing meals for Seniors in your restaurant? While many seniors are in facilities, partial care facilities, many seniors still live at home,  but many do not prepare meals like they used to and are looking for a meaningful dining experience with corresponding affordable great food options. Many have dietary restrictions, and some seniors including those with impaired memory and physical function need  new options too.

Individualized or “person-centered” care is a strong trend in senior living. Nutrition is one of the main cornerstones of that individualized care. In a person-based setup, nurses and dietitians look at such things as a resident’s nutritional needs, oral function, food preferences, ailments and any sensory or physical impairments that may be relavent in an institutional setting. Chefs still continue to develop the types of finger foods and/or purées that will work for those residents and may require new considerations in restaurant equipment required. This type of individual attention in a restaurant setting might be a new consideration if your facility made available events for foods with others in the community.

Many of the new restaurants across our nation focus and touch on everything from the environment where meals are served,  to utensils that can reduce confusion;  to the type of food that can best nourish those seniors living with dementia and other issues. A holistic approach if you will. A focus on culinary trends may open the door for increased locations for seniors at home, in partial care, or in full time care at facilities. Gourmet tastes in restaurant quality dining programs is definitely a consideration. The baby boomers are approaching Senior Living in Style and want more options. Are you up to the task in your community? Maybe you can contact your area Seniors locations and find out how your restaurant can gear up and make more food and dining options available in your community.

"For residents in an assisted living facility, meals aren’t just about nutrition, they are also an important social outlet. In a recent study on the factors important to consumers when choosing residential care, the Agency for Healthcare Research Quality found that “meals and activities are the daily focus of residents.” Couple that with foodservice trends moving toward more restaurant-level quality and variety, and a senior living meal program becomes an integral and involved enterprise."

Think about it, eating options with plenty of upgrades and opportunities for engagement are the new norm, join the fun and call Main Auction Services for information about new and used restaurant equipment that will facilitate this new marketshare are a viable revenue option for the future.  Our qualified staff here at Main Auction Services can help with meal planning, planning for new budget purchases for required restaurant equipment, and help you keep your options looking toward the future...

In support of National Nutrition Month in March, Sunrise Senior Living planed to host Taste of Sunrise events at its over 300 communities nationwide, with the public invited to sample home-cooked meals such as sautéed striped bass with quinoa tomato salad and minted lemon parsley vinaigrette as well as meet Sunrise culinary professionals and learn about the company's Sunrise Signature Dining program and the importance of senior nutrition Find Out More Here.

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