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Chocolate Fountains

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Summer is here. The heat index is rising and dining patrons are looking for cool and refreshing summer food. How about considering a chocolate fountain? You can use fruit, cake, and your favorite marshmallows, nuts, and crazy candy to meet the goal of summer fun. Catering supplies are all about events. Parties, weddings, city events, tailgates, birthdays, anniversaries, and really anything else you can think of.

So, the next step for your event using a chocolate fountain may be to decide will you only use chocolate? What about cheese fountains, or caramel fountains, or even BBQ sauce  or ranch dressing fountains used as centerpieces for a table of BBQ or as the center piece for the salad bar. The sky is the limit. So you decide. If you use chocolate then let's talk about the fountain. You see them around, they always spark interest but how about care and feeding...

After deciding on the best chocolate fountain for your next catering event or business needs, Main Auction Services believes it is important to know how to use and maintain this versitle catering supply product to maximize profits. As with most things, correct usage is critical to keep the integrity of the choclate in place as well as keeping safety in mind in a public or commercial setting. Efficient cleaning will prolong the life of your product and is also a critical part of owning a fountain.

Follow this basic use and maintenance guide to help optimize the life and quality of your chocolate fountain. Let's begin:

  • Prepare the fountain
  • Proper melting technique
  • Steady temperature
  • Proper cleaning

Preparing A Chocolate Fountain - Presentation is everything.

  1. Use a strong support surface - All in with a full fountain and skewers, plates, and napkings it can weigh up to 85 pounds
  2. Level the fountain - This will even flows and the pump will operate correctly
  3. Always use a dedicated circuit - No extension cords uless rated correctly and tape all cords to the floor and cover with rugs to avoid trip hazards
  4. Ventilation is required - Vent holes at the base of the fountain prevent overheating. Keep all materials clear around the entire base
  5. Time preparation - Melt chocolate immediately prior to placing it in the fountain to avoid improper consistently. It could take up to an hour depending on methods of heating
  6. Monitor the chocolate - Pre melted and basin melted chocolate both need a careful eye when first being added to the fountain. Stir the chocolate often and spoon it towards the auger to begin the flow

Cleaning The Fountain - Protect and prolong the life of your fountain and ensure a sanitary product after each use

  1. Clean the fountain immediately. Quickly remove all chocolate with  a spatula, sponge, and mild warm detergent. Clean up immediately
  2. Disassemble the fountain into their parts - Auger tube, auger, bowl, tiers, and base can be placed in the dishwasher for maximum removal and proper heat
  3. Check the auger thoroughly - Clogs can happen especially with hardened chocolate, even if they go through the dishwasher
  4. Hand wash the base - Be sure to removed any residue from the cord and underside as well. Remember the base can hold hot water with mild detergents

Catering supplies are a vital addition to any restaurant. You already have some items used for take out, and other special events you may have ongoing in the course of the year for those annual events. Considering new alternative ways to use standard catering supplies, traditional foordservice equipment, and restaurant equipment in general is part of the fun of owning a restaurant or catering service. Catering equipment, cleaning and maintenance are vital to your success. Remember that creativity is the new normal in every setting and event you have. Come by our showroom and put on your thinking cap. With auctions weekly, Main Auction Services in Dallas is here to help you maximize profits, and keep you on budget. Ask about our catering supplies coming up in the next auction.

Main Auction Services wants to be the restaurant store you think of first. Main Auction Services has facilities in Dallas, TX and Houston, TX. For more information about upcoming sales please call 972-642-0513 (Dallas), 972-579-4612 (Irving) or 713-690-1231 (Houston). Main Auction Services provides services throughout the state of Texas, including Austin and San Antonio.