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Food & Beverage Expectations In 2017

It's All About New Food Options

New Food & Beverage Trends For 2017

It is that time again in our industry when the best and brightest predict up coming cuisine for the new year. The Food & Beverage Industry as a whole is driven by many factors, but by and large customers like you will be the most important. Main Auction will give you the latest predictions by Restaurant News which was provided in the annual forcasts from Andrew Freeman & Co. The basics are as follows. A robust expansion of all things Asian. New to the marketplace is Filipino. They tell us to expect new takes on coffee and ice cream, a large variety of dairy substitutes, more vegetables, caviar and fermentation.

Main Auction invites you to consider your own restaurant, bar, grill, fine dining, institutions and clients who have become your mainstay, and take a look at all the food and beverage trends the San Francisco-based hospitality consulting firm predicts for 2017. We will just present them by category, you must evaluate your space, kitchen size and capability, food source availability, and new years goals; and decide for your business what will be added to the menu and when. Bon Appetit!

New Food Expectations For 2017:

  1. Modern ideas on ethnic cuisines like India, Korea, and the Middle East.
  2. Introduction of all day breakfast sandwiches like Jack in the Box titled Brunchfest offerings.
  3. Filipino cuisine with American favorites like Red Snapper fried with familiar flavors.
  4. Los Angeles food city of the year will lead the way with James Beard Foundation winner Suzanne Goin for many cultural influences.
  5. Pay close attention to Kansas City food city trends moving from within the US to the coasts.
  6. Out on a limb, for approved states, Cannabis in a variety of food and drinks will lead the way with specialties nonone has ever heard of.
  7. Pay attention to Grain Bowls...though not new, consider offerings prepared in much different ways.
  8. Vegetables of all entrees and meatless protines are setting the stage for mainstream beginning in New York.
  9. Ice Cream updates included sandwiches made with signature cookies and even new ice cream flavors you never would have expected.
  10. Do Expect modern takes on southeast Asian, pan Asian offerings, and Korean influences. Brown rice, kimchi, edamame, carrots, purple mushrooms and eggs.
  11. Expect tartares and diced raw food to become widespread as new products hit the scene of the coasts.
  12. Alternative dairy free cheese, nut milks, and offerings from staple companies like Starbucks.
  13. Fermented ingredients combined in house with hot sauces, as well as fermented drinks will likely spread rapidly.
  14. World influence will affect American cuisine. The basics we love will be combined with flavors we expect from Asian or Korean foods.
  15. For fine dining, and elite bars expect new and grand presentations of exciting Caviar applications. Garnishes to deviled eggs and caviar drinks.
  16. Wine of the Year drinks called "Natural Wines" will be making history with no additives.
  17. Ripe and sour beers may be specializing tastes to pair with food friendly new offerings.
  18. Sake so popular with Asian cuisines will more likely on menus as complimentary pairings with friendly American new taste options.
  19. Switchel, a sweetened vinegar based beverage will hit the scene shortly; and will definitely be an acquired taste.
  20. Continue to enjoy year round "Rose Wines", which are so popular everywhere now.
  21. Wine Flights usually popular with fine dining will become an ideal way to usher in signature flavors for seasonal meals, and ways to introduce new flavors to your patrons.
  22. Chefs and mixologists will rule the bars by drawing new patrons to new and upcoming establishments in your cities.
  23. Standard cocktails like the Boxcar, will be reinvented and approached as the new classics for the liking. Look for things like vegetables and caviars.
  24. Coffee creative is the new nitro coffee, lattes, and served on draft. These coffee cocktails are all the rage and even offer lemonades and nut milks as well.
  25. Canned wine, recycled and do not affect taste. Regular and sparkling varieties are coming from places like Coppola, with their "Sofia Mini".

And there you have it. How many of the above new food and beverage trends will be suitable for your establishment? As you consider supply chains, remember that Main Auction will be standing by to assist you with all the equipment you must consider with these offerings you may select. Catering options with service, plates, dinnerware, smalls, blenders, holding cabinets, produce storage in new cooler options, and barware for new services options like test tube shot glasses, well drink glasses or specialty Espresso Machines for the new products they use. The sky is the limit here at Main Auction Services.

Whether you need to buy or sell one piece, or the contents of an entire restaurant, Main Auction Services is your resource for late-model restaurant, bakery and bar equipment. Call today to speak with a restaurant equipment specialists.

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