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Shareable Desserts Salads & More

Food Art Hits The Trendy Public

Shareable Desserts Salads And More - Main Auction Services

Your family had a special family outing this evening; and now comes dessert...while overeating is not recommended, how about a shareable dessert for everyone? Forget about that yummy new German Chocolate Cake from pastry chef Shannon Morrison at Rouben's who created this alternating layers of expresso cream cheese, toasted pecan and coconut caramel filling, chocolate buttercream and chocolate cereal crust, all topped with a chocolate mirror glaze! This beauty is 12 layers and feeds 4-6 people easily. Instead look at the picture above and you can choose a salad or sweet for dessert.  Served on the latest designed  platters or dinnerware for specialty desserts appears to have hit the mark.

Pastry chefs around the nation are hoping diners won't be ditching desserts anytime soon, and in response to these new trendy cravings mini desserts as shooter,  super sized cakes, cookies and other confections are being created for diners to dig into together. People truly enjoy the experience, mood, and more importantly the delicious dessert all year round. Larger than life collaborations include such things as skillet dessert lines, sundaes, mason jar cakes, martini selections, giant server platters, and homemade toppings in fountains you can just slather goodness onto any cafeteria line of yummy goodies.

Restaurants, bars, fast casual dining, and formal intimate dining alike are jumping on board co creating these fabulous new creations just for you. Crazy good salads served in ceramic boats, cheese and cracker boards served on tiered trays, baskets, chilled flight of wine, cheese, and shishkabobs, wood bowls with bark,  So let's say you want to do the same for your restaurant. What will you serve your signature items in? Here we go, the sky is the limit!

Let's Talk Food Art Shall We

A colorful or solid color square, oval, shell, leaf, gourd, doll-sized thimble, or an oversized platter. Porcelain, slate, earthenware, wood. Today’s tabletop is as varied as the styles of cooking that it is totally meant to showcase. Patterned plates of the 1980s, have now been replaced by more unique ways for chefs to convey their creativity, from the kitchen to the table.

The evolution of food in the last 25 years is states the trends in tableware. But you could also say that it is driven by the chef whose beautiful creations drive the latest trends in foods from meals, tapas, salads, and more. Even the basic decisions related to what glasses or butter plate would be used were most often the purview of management. But as restaurateurs began to consult with their chefs about dinner service, desserts, and bar food, these same chefs responded in kind.
Food art is truly a canvas for chefs, in the case of the white tableware that has become prevalent throughout restaurants, whether it is as large plates and bowls or as a variety of shapes that allow the chef to deconstruct or miniaturize a dish, challenging diners’ way of eating. Competition in dense downtown areas of cities across the USA find the latest trends on a regular basis. Keeping your dining patrons interested is definitely the way to insure a full house every week.

If you are interested in finding out more about what smalls, serving platters, stainless steel serving pieces and so much more, call us here at Main Auction right now at any of our 3 locations.

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With 3 locations to serve your needs, we believe you can find so many options for your speciality meals, bar foods, desserts, salad bars, dessert bars, and bruch bars by seeing selections in our weekly auctions, as well as both new and used foodservice equipment.