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Series 3: Failure Is Not An Option

Inventory Management 

Restaurant Product Inventory Management

As we continue with the 3rd in a series of educational articles, Main Auction Services moves forward to perhaps the most difficult to manage business process titled simply inventory. Inventory is required to operate, if it is food, it must be kept up with and rotated, is always inspected by everyone, and the biggest issue with your patrons...is it fresh and is the quality fantastic. For hard goods, understanding the process is key to the role of managing every aspect of a successful restaurant and in particular the food served determines if your dining patrons return over and over again.

Main Auction Services is here to serve our community and provide you with what you need to be successful at what you do. A family owned and operated company for more than 35 years of combined experience in the restaurant, food service and related industries to the internet sales marketplace, we remain committed to you. Main Auction Services offers a wide variety of quality, new and used restaurant equipment, kitchen supplies, appliances, furniture and decor just to name a few things.

What's the deal about Inventory.

Inventory speaks volumes to all who listen. Food, kitchen equipment, dishes, cleaning supplies, freezer and cooler items are just the tip of the iceberg. So the obvious question is are you ignoring your inventory? Hands down, keeping inventory of everything a restaurant needs to operate is the owner's least favorite task at hand. However, it is essential, and must be done right. Success is a fine line when the topic is about inventory for the front and back of the house.

Accurate, weekly inventory can provide the exact numbers you need to lower food costs. Accurate numbers in keeping current menu items available is a huge deal. If you have too large a menu; it could be what kills your restaurant if city code violations don't get you first.

Who takes inventory at your restaurant or facility? If it's not you, here's what you need to know. Assigning, training on the specifics, choosing detail oriented staff to be in charge of counting and finally providing incentive to make it happen is the only game in town if you are to be successful at this challenging task.

There are always horror stories about restaurant owners demanding inventory accounts after every shift. Brute force methods never really pay off though. Finding a balance of what is required, paired with a list of what needs to be counted is a sure fire way to make it happen the same way every time, calculate accurate numbers for re-orders, keep a check on goods not walking out the back door, and being able to facilitate marketing specials and featured items on a regular basis.

Waste Management and Inventory go hand in hand. Orders can come in bad, it just happens. Mistakes on hard goods numbers is why when the truck is unloaded you mark the invoice of any discrepancies. Keeping a waste log every week is critical. Waste happens, food spoils, and things break or are dropped. The quick fix is making sure it's random and not obviously re-occurring over time. Theft is prevented by tracking waste and accuracy means you can pinpoint problems origination points. Keeping food in check along with your other required hard goods costs must be stable and accurate above all.

Decide right now you will not make misinformed business decisions ok. Misinformed decisions about inventory numbers are made when accuracy and frequency do not happen. It is the direct link to why is money going out the door, and is the single most prominent reason you either pay too much for something or run out when you get slammed during your busiest shifts. Nothing turns a dining patron against you if they can't expect to come to dine on their favorite meal because you ran out of food.

If you do not already have a software application to post numbers to, and are still doing inventory by hand it doesn't have to be a bad thing but if finances won't permit it at this time make it your goal... Execution in clear consise manner no longer has to be slow, clunky and opens the door for error. Spending time in the walk in or freezer is always unpleasant. Honestly, we feel that it’s time to invest in
restaurant inventory management software, so you can get better numbers in a mere fraction of the time.

Main Auction Services has a plan. That plan is for you to be successful, in every aspect of restaurant management. The foodservice industry is not for the faint of heart. It requires stamina, skills, business practices and systems in place to keep everything consistent.

What are your restaurant needs right now? Do you need to buy or sell one piece, or the contents of an entire restaurant? Main Auction Services is your best resource for late-model restaurant, bakery and bar equipment. By calling us today; you can speak with a restaurant equipment specialist who just may be the best thing for your best accepted practices since buttered bread.

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