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Series 4: Failure Is Not An Option

Bar Operations

Main Auction Services - Bar Operations & Equipment

Main Auction Services continues with the 4th in a series of educational articles, with what we term Bar Operations. As suppliers of both new and used bar equipment, we have access to information that can help you maximize your profits in traditional bar operation. What exactly is that?  Bar operations consists of many things including the trustworthy operations manual, types of equipment and operation of that equipment, and finally a menu of drinks and a menu of bar appetizers and food available. This collection of important documents, checklists, guidelines, systems and any other information that every employee needs to know is the beginning of the education process for all bar staff. Aside from proper licensing requirements, an operations manual should act as an ‘instruction manual’ for a venue.

Remember that here at Main Auction Services, we have a plan for all our clients. That plan is for you to be successful, in every aspect of restaurant management, bar operations, bakery operations, and food and beverage operations. The foodservice industry is not for the faint of heart as you well know. It requires stamina, skills, business practices and systems in place to keep everything consistent, running smoothly, and making sure you dot all the i's and cross all the t's...

Bar Operations

Let us begin these discussions with how to educate about this system in your current setting. Having this manual usually provides the way to train staff; and at the same time be sure they are consistent in the work ethic. Bar operations have migrated to high volume profit centers for the top clubs, in cities like Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, and New York. Bartenders in high volume clubs have show times making drinks, tricks, and special concoctions for the refined pallet. Bars in 5-Star hotels around our nation all have bars for patrons of some kind and the needs may vary depending on conventions, events, and simple tourists. Local communities while they may want to compete with huge cities, may find that the need to pay attention maybe can translate new showy items; the most important issue is to make sure you keep the desire of the local patron as the first source for all things bar related. Without your customers coming in there literally is nothing to worry about.

Best accepted industry standards are precise and some may be regulated more highly than others. They might include opening and closing, par levels for ordering wet and dry stock, ongoing cleaning always, standard uniform appearances, equipment operation and regular tasks for bar prep, backup of forms and templates used daily, emergency contact information, and access to resources for FAQ, order of service, floor operations procedures, closing procedures and finally cleaning for the next day.

First and foremost, listen to you bar patrons. Investing in rare wine, aged scotch, or specialty drink fixings is crazy if you know your regulars will not drink them. Monitoring customer orders can be important when you analyze cost, as well as making decisions on beers. Craft beer may be all the rage and you can offer seasonal specials, managers specials and simply test the market.

If you monitor what is being ordered it becomes easier to guide your regular monthly purchases. Keep it simple. Bar profits can be very helpful for rounding out seasonal patrons.

Consider monitoring usage. Maybe not daily, perhaps more often than you are now just to see where challenges have risen. Alcohol inventory needs to be constant, should reflect special community events and marketing you have out there, as well as proper ordering for catering and special events already on the calendar.

Avoid foamy pours. A foamy head on a beer is unappealing from a variety of standpoints. It may cost you more beer, as 25% of that foam is beer; and pressure is easily adjusted on the proper CO2 release making sure each pour is the right and exact amount.

If bar equipment regulates shots, mixes, and frozen drinks, you have a better chance of high profits consistently across the board. Bar appetizers, nuts, snacks, and bar food simply are the icing on the cake so to speak for keeping your bar patrons coming back again and again.

Remember that Main Auction Services, a family owned and operated company for over 35 years, has the experience to help you achieve your goals. Restaurant equipment, both new and used, offers a variety of quality products to enable your success. Experience is often the master teacher when it comes to keeping your profits in the bank. Kitchen supplies, bar supplies, appliances, furniture, decor, smalls, and state of the art ranges, stoves, refrigerators, and specialty baking equipment are what we do best.

What are your restaurant needs right now? Do you need to buy or sell one piece, or the contents of an entire restaurant? Main Auction Services is your best resource for late-model restaurant, bakery and bar equipment. By calling us today; you can speak with a restaurant equipment specialist who just may be the best thing for your best accepted practices since buttered bread.

For your convenience, we invite you to visit our showrooms. We have several locations to serve you. 1718 West Main Street • Grand Prairie, Texas 75050 • 972-642-0513 12922 Hempstead Hwy • Houston, Texas 77040 • 713-690-1231 2100 E Union Bower Road • Irving, Texas 75061 • 972-579-4612