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2019 Restaurant Industry Traffic

Are You Ready To Grow In 2019?

Growth for 2019 in your restaurant means ..... what? Leading researchers say convenience, memorable experiences and innovation will top the list of strategies in driving more hungry consumers to your local restaurants. While most forecasts speak about the possible flat growth status, Main Auction Services in Dallas and NPD Research Group think differently about it for 2019. It's all about Restaurant Equipment in your local kitchen.

According to David Portalatin, NPD VP and food industry analyst, meeting Consumer needs for food in 2019 is a new strategy which can drive growth for your restaurant. Projections by leading research firms like NPD Group are predicting that fast casual and independents with 3 to 19 units will find a recipe for success, spend an additional 5.3 percent across the board, and should accurately reflect their success in selling more meals by spending time focusing on innovation in restaurant equipment, food, and experience.

What does your strategy look like for growth as we begin 2019? Your restaurant landscape has one thing in common with everyone else. Feeding the hungry. No matter the market, it is always about meeting need with need. People have to eat to live. Whether you supply the extraordinary 5 Star meal with flair, or preserve the the good ole American meatloaf mashed potatoes and green beans to the hungry blue collar sector, it's about good taste, quality products, and perhaps the most important; a great kitchen to prepare the food.

Despite the expectation of leading foodies; it is always going to be about finding and preparing the product. And to do that requires you knowing what restaurant equipment you need to do the job. That is why we are here. Main Auction Services still continues to offer a wide variety of quality, new and used restaurant equipment, kitchen supplies, appliances, furniture and decor to the restaurant industry here in the USA. Main Auction Services buys and sells restaurant equipment in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and nationwide, with inventory arriving on a daily basis. This inventory is made available to you through scheduled restaurant equipment online auctions.

Whether you need to buy or sell one piece, or the contents of an entire restaurant, Main Auction Services is your resource for late-model restaurant, bakery and bar equipment. We represent the best of restaurant equipment specialists and are conveniently located in Texas so as to provide to you the best the industry has to offer. Supplying quality restaurant equipment to you in your local setting means you have the tools you need to prepare the foods you purchase to the consumer. How you move into growth in your market may include alternative food options; but full service restaurants will increase their spending dollars by making projected growth a reality in each setting. How you make it happen may vary; but Main Auction Services can provide some new considerations for new growth in 2019.

Making Your Restaurant Growth For 2019 A Reality

More consumers are eating at home. Growth may require disruptive technology to set that fact on it's ear... In order to sell more, you will need to increase your market share. Meeting those consumer needs with disruptive tech is the purpose of your challenge. So let's get started.

In Home Meal Solutions: Find your new role in this market space. Prepared meals, meal time parts kits that require mere minutes of prep from bag to table, and take out pre-packaged that needs reheating at reasonable prices could be options. An additional cooler for impulse purchases of breakfast, lunch, or dinner meals at the checkout area could be a possible options. What about a kiosk in a small corner location screaming take home meals, box or bag lunches, and yes desserts like pies, cookies, cupcakes or developing specialty products in those areas using existing products you already prepare in other ways. Be creative in your options, listen to your patrons and then create that fabulous new take away menu for them to try.

Deliver Digital Convenience: Foodservice is going digital at an accelerated rate. Our new patrons are highly tech savy. Ideas about delivery, mobile catering and food trucks, order and pick up or delivery locations, virtual order delivery only restaurants like donuts stores may be new concepts but in our patrons busy lives, being able to go thru a drive thru and pick up meals you ordered today before work or earlier in the week is an explosive innovation and an extremely creative force in the new market of foodservice. Stay tuned for the results nationwide on that.

Provide Your Dining In Patrons Memories & Focused Experiences: Differentiate yourself this year. Try new things that will keep those patrons returning again and again. All meals, special dates, events, community support, delivery, take out options, and more will keep that level of service and excellence you have worked hard to achieve. Innovative cuisines, seasonal offerings, new local source products and simply wonderful great food can still be the best bottom line. Plating, music in the restaurant, superior customer service, take out containers that work, quick service, and innovative technology in the the kitchen means you can grow.

Examine the possibilities for your new restaurant growth in 2019. We invite you to all us today. Main Auction Services, Inc., specializes in the sale of new and used restaurant and bar equipment, as well as bakery equipment and provides the following services to you as restaurant owners:

  • Online Internet Auctions
  • Retail Equipment and Supply Sales
  • Inventory Liquidations
  • Appraisal Services
  • Custom Packaging & Crating
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Local Delivery in the DFW Metro Area
  • Janitorial Supplies
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Restaurant Furniture
  • Bakery & Bar Equipment
  • Sinks & Faucets
  • And More...

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