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New Technology For USA

The word is out. Induction cooking is 60% more efficient than with a gas stove top. But what if your kitchen uses gas or electric and brand new induction restaurant equipment is not an option? That is where Main Auction Services can help. Countertop induction units, modular induction stations, and varying sizes of induction stoves are all options open to you as used restaurant equipment. Used induction equipment is on the rise as kitchen equipment all over the nation invest in this technology.

This article will explore the benefits of induction cooking from several perspectives. Why is it not used extensively here in the USA? Since most classically trained chefs became familiar with this method at traditional schools in Europe, the North American continent is just now catching up as the manufacturers are developing the commercial restaurant equipment to use in our well established commercial kitchens. Watch the video below to find out more about induction cooking in the USA.

If you cook your favorite recipe, probably the last thing on your mind would be energy efficiency. However, making a decision to dip your toe into that water is easily started with the small induction units that go anywhere a surface is. Induction cooktops may be a wise move and ensure a more precise heat as well as save you money in the long run. Induction cooking uses your cookware to hold the heat. The electromagnetic field heats up a pan and leaves the cooking surface cool to the touch. The commercial kitchen is not heated up.

The Benefits Of Induction Cooking:

Induction Cooktop Efficiency - A variety of issues can dramatically change your kitchen protocols with respect to all your commercial kitchen equipment. Induction cooking is heated by a magnetic field instead of having its bottom sitting on a flame as with a gas cooktop or on an element as with an electric stove. With an induction stovetop, it is very true that the entire bottom of the pan actually heats up, and there's no need to fit your pan to the burner. That said, the more interesting statistic is that
Induction cooking is 60 percent more efficient than with a gas stovetop. With a gas stovetop, a lot of the flame actually heats around the pan rather than on your cookware bottom. This is an astounding fact.

Induction Cooktop Safety - With induction, the surface of an induction stove or cooktop doesn't get hot. While it does require the purchase of a cookware rated for induction, splashes and chefs will not get burned on the stove or portable units. Cleanup of the cooking surface is much easier.

Induction Cooktop Speed - Induction cooktops will heat more quickly than gas or electric kitchen equipment. What does this equate to in generic terms you may ask. If you can save time and energy why not take the leap. Let's talk statistics for a moment. A 12,000-BTU gas burner takes 36 minutes to boil 5 gallons of water, but an 1,800-watt induction hob, or heating element, will boil the same 5 gallons in only 22 minutes. (A watt is equal to 3.4 BTUs, so even in absolute terms, induction is still faster.) Much like gas ranges, induction cookers respond immediately to temperature adjustments, so when you lower the heat, you'll see the results right away.

Induction Cooktop Requirements - In a commercial setting be sure to approach the viability in your kitchen. Plans to add this as an option for things like buffets, special events, catering events, food truck events and etc.; all these scenarios can be options. Less venting power means less downdrafted ventahoods.

Induction cooktops can only be used with cookware that is made of ferrous metals such as steel or cast iron. Since Aluminum cookware won't work, nor will glass or ceramic. Depending on the level of integration into your restaurant equipment in the short term, a small investment may be required; but you can count on extended life using these types of pans. There is a chance some kitchen equipment you have may work. A simple test to see if your cookware is induction-compatible: If a magnet sticks to it, it'll work with an induction stove.

Induction Cooking Equipment - A variety of types of Induction cookers are available in countertop models that allow you to cook with various pot sizes from most leading manufacturers. Most units feature safety functions so they'll shut off in the absence of a pan, or if a pan is sitting empty. Many models also provide burner lights that simulate the glow that comes with gas burners. Addition types of Drop-in units (which are installed directly into the countertop) and slide-in units (with an oven built in) are also available for the commercial kitchen. Initial sticker shock may require a slower transition but the money saved and recouped in energy savings in the lifespan of your appliances makes up for it in the long term expense strategy.

While induction cooking has been widely used all over the world and is now making its way into the hearts of American kitchens; the leading appliances manufacturers are now focused on the future of cooking technology, which is why so much of our cookware was made induction-ready from the start.

Induction cooking can now be widely regarded as the safest and most efficient way to cook when compared to electric or gas. Regardless of commercial or residential settings. In the process of induction cooking there are several endorsements by the professional chefs here in USA see the video above. The market space right now while may be cost prohibitive for the smaller restaurants; but to be sure as the price comes down; the benefits to the restaurant kitchen are fast becoming completely possible.

The bottom line is all about delivering quality service, quality food, and fabulous menu selection for all your dining patrons with minimum of expenses involved... Of course the big question for smaller cafes, restaurants, and event food courts is will induction actually replace conventional commercial restaurant equipment? Significant options are out there and in the high end lines of kitchen equipment the cost seems to be the initial biggest issue up front. It will be very interesting to see what happens, trends grow and their success is determined by how well they are implemented into the culture of the restaurant where they are used, as well as forecasting for the future expense side of replacement.

Restaurant equippers like Main Auction Services is in a position to see how the market accesses the pulse of current cooking trends in America based on the popularity of food prepared from the menus of our nations restaurants, cafes, food courts, corporate settings, and instutions. Take out, food truck locations, in restaurant food prepared for sale, and catering events are all growing revenue in all types of venue settings. Geography, sustainability, availability and sourcing, and clientele are all variables that can make or break any new technology.

Main Auction Services buys and sells new and used restaurant equipment in Texas and nationwide, with new inventory arriving on a daily basis. As premier restaurant equippers in the Southwest region of the US, you can count on Main Auction Services to provide you with exactly what your restaurant requires.

Restaurant kitchen equipment is what we do best. Call us today and speak with a qualified staff member for all your commercial kitchen equipment, restaurant furniture, and restaurant bar and restaurant supply needs.

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