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Fisher Manufacturing: Where Quality Meets InnovationFisher Commercial Faucets

Main Auction Services, Inc., buys and sells the latest food service and restaurant equipment by the world's leading manufacturers such as Fisher. Since 1936, Fisher Manufacturing has been dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced commercial plumbing systems available. For three generations the Fisher Family has adhered to a strict dedication of consistent performance, product dependability and overall value. When you install Fisher... you've installed the best.

Fisher hardware is manufactured with a standardization of internal mechanisms. All chrome plating is triple plated -- copper, nickel, and chrome -- for durability. Every fixture we make is rigorously tested in both our modern in-house testing center, and in actual field situations under extreme conditions. Every detail is thoroughly checked and re-checked. And, before we make our products available to you, they must pass each and every test. So you get proven performance...Guaranteed!

Fisher product lines include:

  • Faucets   
  • EZ-Install   
  • Pre-Rinse Units   
  • Banquet Fillers   
  • Hose Pot Fillers  
  • Hose Glass Fillers   
  • Hose Utility Sprays   
  • Hose Assembly with Ultra-Spray 
  • Foot Valves  
  • Reel Rinses  
  • Waste Valves, Drains, Waste Socket & Accessories   
  • FillKing  
  • Glass Fillers  
  • Inlet Fittings  
  • Backflow Prevention   
  • Components & Accessories

Fisher Manufacturing is located in the heart of the agriculture-rich, Central Valley of California. The facility is housed on 2.5 acres. One acre of this property has been permanently set aside as a nature area allowing grass, trees, and plants to grow, permitting rainwater to percolate back into the land and runoff recharging the local aquifer.

During the machining process of our brass components, no cutting oils are used to cool or lubricate parts and tools. Fisher's method eliminates the need to dispose of environmentally unfriendly chemicals, which can be harmful to the earth

If you need to learn more about a piece of equipment from Fisher that is appearing in one of Main Auctions upcoming auctions, please go to the link here for more specifics.